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JK Simmons joins Netflix thriller Our Man from Jersey

Academy Award-winner JK Simmons is the latest actor to be cast in Netflix’s upcoming spy thriller, Our Man from Jersey, which has Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry in the lead. The film, which is helmed by Julian Farino, also features Jackie Earle Haley, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jessica De Gouw and Alice Lee in pivotal roles.

Written by David Guggenheim and Joe Barton, the story revolves around Mike (Wahlberg), a down-to-earth construction worker from Jersey, who is quickly thrust into the world of super spies and secret agents when his high school ex-girlfriend Roxanne (Berry) recruits him on a high-stakes U.S. intelligence mission.

In ‘Batgirl’, because of the relationship between Commissioner Gordon and his daughter, it’s much more of a domestic aspect of Jim Gordon. We do get to see some fun, out in the street … Well, I’m gonna stop now because I really don’t wanna do any spoilers.

“But it was fun to the stuff with Leslie Grace, who plays Batgirl, and get to portray a different aspect of Jim Gordon, other than as Commissioner Gordon.

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In other news – Pabi Cooper opens up About her Health after Being Admitted in the Hospital

Pabi Cooper opens up on how she landed in the hospital for weeks due to fatigue. The singer hinted weeks ago that she isn’t well, but she’s put out an official statement as regards her health on social media.

Pabi Cooper

Pabi said her body suffered due to the many shows she performed without taking proper care of her body. Learn more

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