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Family of slain Isipingo shopkeeper blast police for not being in contact

The family of a slain Ethiopian shopkeeper said that they were disappointed but not surprised that law enforcement officials had not contacted them since his murder.

Adane Emmanuel succumbed to his wounds in hospital last week after a scuffle between his brothers and the police at the Dakota informal settlement in Isipingo, south of Durban.

At the time of the incident, police were conducting patrols in the area as per the regulations of the national lockdown.

Police accused Emmanuel of selling cigarettes – a claim he denied.

After an altercation with officers, a severely wounded Emmanuel was arrested and kept in police custody for about two hours before he was released on bail.

His cousin Kebede Bafore said that Emmanuel’s wife and two children in Ethiopia had been robbed of their breadwinner.

“His wife is not working and he was supporting his mother and father too. He died for nothing. He didn’t fight back, he didn’t do anything. Things are bad.”

Ipid spokesperson Sontanga Seisa said that they were looking into the matter but investigations were far from over.

“We haven’t effected an arrest as yet, we are very far off completion because there are some technical reports that we need to get.”

Residents at the Dakota informal settlement told Eyewitness News that the incident has tarnished their trust in the police.

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