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Is Snoop Dogg besties with Prince Harry and Prince William?

Snoop Dogg’s most famous friendship might be with Martha Stewart, but the rapper also recently revealed that he’s close with Prince Harry and Prince William.

“Harry and William are my boys,” Snoop Dogg told The Mirror’s Halina Watts. As soon as I knew they were fans, I reached out to them and we’ve been cool ever since,” he added. “I look out for them, and they can reach out to me whenever they want — they know that.

Snoop Dogg also praised Prince Harry for leaving Donald Trump off the guest list when he married Meghan Markle. Trump was president at the time of the 2018 royal wedding. I said Prince Harry had big balls when he didn’t invite Trump to the wedding,” the rapper continued. “And now, for real, I say he’s got an even bigger set of balls.”

Snoop commended Harry and Markle for stepping back from the royal family and deciding to move to Montecito, California. Him and Meghan are living their lives like they want and that can’t be an easy thing with the whole world judging them,” he said. “They got to live life their way — they get a lot of respect from me for that.”

The rapper, who recently revealed he learned to cook from Gordon Ramsay, even invited the royal couple to Thanksgiving dinner at his place in Los Angeles.

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