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Is Ntando Duma hitting on Black Panther Star Kill-Monger?

Is Ntando Duma hitting on Black Panther Star Kill-Monger? I was minding my own business on Instagram checking out my favourite Mzansi Celeb and I gotta say I was surprised by what I saw next…

Ntando Duma
Got home to these lovely flowers for Mother’s Day! Ngiyabonga Mdavana❤ #DovesFuneral this absolutely made my day!😩😍

Imagine the feeling you get when you busy crushing on someone and you get to her Instagram page and she is totally crushing onto someone else. Or is she?

Ntando Duma shared a picture of Black Panther Super Villain Kill-Monger real name Michael B. Jordan and had this to say… all in the name of her daughter!

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan

“Hi @michaelbjordan my daughter and I admire your earrings😍 could you kindly drop me a DM and tell us where we can get them. Ohhh…and my daughter mentioned something about you being her STEP nton nton… I don’t really know what she meant by that but I guess we will finish off the conversation as soon as I receive a message from you. Thanks❤”

Ntando Duma crushing on Michael B. Jordan

So yeah I wonder if Michael B. Jordan is going to send her a DM like she asked for… The post has almost 15000 Likes and a bunch of Comments!

Ntando Duma
Ntando Duma

After looking at the above picture, I have to conclude that Ntando Duma and Michael B. Jordan would make a very good couple! Big Question is will he respond to her message!

Source: Instagram/News365coza

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