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Natasha Thahane is living her best life: Pictures

Natasha Thahane

Natasha Thahane is living it up in her own world but she always puts God first and gives thanks for all her achievements. What you might not is that being a celebrity is not all rosy and glamourous, actually there is often pressure to live up to other people’s expectations because all eyes are on you. 23-year-old Natasha Thahane could not agree more with this. After spending months in New York, she says there is nothing more she wants to do but to live for herself.

Natasha Thahane

A month ago, she graduated from the New York Film Academy, a bold move she decided to make as at the time of her departure, her acting career was peeking with her having to jump ship from SABC 1’s loved drama series, Skeem Saam to Mzansi Magic’s The Queen.Natasha Thahane

She graduated from the academy over a month ago and she is has since come back home however, she could not confirm if she is here to stay after a great time abroad, she just wants to spread her wings. “I am wherever life takes me.Natasha ThahaneI am just trying to live my best life. I want to experience and explore, travel, broaden my horizon and just be extravagant,” she says with a laugh.

Natasha Thahane

The film and television star recently took to Twitter to confess that she was craving a peaceful and loving date, before admitting that it had been some time since she had been taken out.

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