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Interesting WhatsApp New Features Arriving Ahead Of 2019

WhatsApp new features are arriving ahead of the new year 2019. some of all the new features are already present in beta version the WhatsApp and other will arrive soon. Below is the list of features will arrive in WhatsApp which you’d be able to enjoy after updating your app.

List of WhatsApp new features
Picture in Picture
The picture in picture feature is already available on most of the smartphones. This allows you to watch a video in a floating popup window in WhatsApp messenger while chatting and even you can use the home screen at the same time.

In case of youtube, when you receive the youtube link, when you open that you’re directed to youtube app. But with the new feature you can play video in a floating popup window. Remember, that will happen only when WhatsApp is open.

You won’t be able to use WhatsApp when the video is being played in the popup. Because youtube doesn’t allow any app to run a youtube video and using the app simultaneously. This can only happen when your mobile has a split windows feature. The new feature will allow you to watch videos in a popup window when WhatsApp messenger is open.

Media Preview Feature
Currently, WhatsApp allows you to see and reply to the message from the notification bar directly. Which makes easy for you not to open the app to reply.

But in the new feature of Media Preview in WhatsApp. You’d be able to view photos audios and videos preview through the notification bar same like text messages in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp Dark Mode
Another one from WhatsApp new features which is very interesting is arriving is dark mode. Those people who use to chat at night won’t need to decrease the brightness to zero. They would turn on the dark mode in WhatsApp app where they made the text bright in contrast to the background.

QR Codes Whatsapp Feature
Although QR feature is already available in WhatsApp which lets you scan QR codes on your computer screen you are working on. The new arriving feature will also let you share your WhatsApp cellular mobile number through QR code scan. You can make the code invalid if you like to prevent misuse of it.

Consecutive Voice Messages
More in WhatsApp new features is when you’re not using your phone or don’t respond to calls for a reason. You get voice messages, the new WhatsApp feature will allow you to play all the voice messages came in form of a list without any break. It’s not clear that all the messages across multiple contacts will be played combined or all the messages from one contact will be played. But most probably the 1st option will be pushed by putting on the user to decide of the sender.

Group call shortcut in WhatsApp
Another WhatsApp new feature is related to the group call. In Whatsapp which is also a Voice Over IP (VoIP) service right now when you are in a call already with someone you can add new people into group audio/video call. While the new feature will let you pre-decide the participants you want in a group call. Then you can make group call to them after pressing the call button.

This feature is also available for group chat. When you open a group there is a plus sign by which you can decide the participant you want a group call with.

This is an interesting list of new WhatsApp features arriving ahead of the new year 2019 in this popular messaging application.

Source: techacrobat