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Robbie Malinga Jnr responds to backlash about him using his dad’s social media page

robbie malinga

Robbie Malinga’s 16-year-old son has defended his decision to takeover his dad’s Instagram account, saying the hate he was getting from people because of it was disrespectful to him.

Veteran music producer and singer Robbie Malinga died five months ago, but his Instagram page was suddenly active when his son started posting on the account.

A number of fans and people in the industry have shared their shock at Robbie Jnr using his dad’s account to post pictures of fancy cars and a flashy lifestyle.

Speaking to YFM’s DJ Sabby this week, Robbie defended himself, explaining that he had to spoken to his mom before making the decision to “move in” on his famous dad’s account.

robbie malinga

“Me and my mom had a conversation, discussing the whole thing. She was in on it the whole time, so it wasn’t a case of me taking my father’s account and boom (I was on it). We talked and discussed how we would do it. I have been doing other accounts, so I don’t get why people are acting like this is a big thing.”

He hit back at suggestions that he risked ruining his fledgling career by showing off on his dad’s page, saying he had good mentors including DJ Fresh, DJ Sbu, TK Nciza and others.

“They are mentoring me, so I can never go wrong. That is why I am so shocked when people disrespect me because I’ll never disrespect anyone. They commenting so bad on my photos and videos and they think I don’t see because I don’t reply back. I will never reply back, so they are talking to themselves.”

Source: Timeslive