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Influencer Inno Morolong pays R200K for her s.e.xy new body

What can R200 000 buy that’s new and s.e.xy? For influencer Inno, it’s a body.

She made headlines last year when she said she was undergoing surgery for a new body.


Inno Morolong (29) opened up about her journey on the YouTube show, City Girls with Tebogo Thobejane and showed a consultation with her doctor.

Inno, who is originally from Welkom in the Free State, told a local publication about her decision to undergo surgery.

“Years back I had a small body and was a beauty pageant queen but everything changed after I had a baby. I gained weight and became chubby,” she said.

She said she was still totally confident with her body, regardless of the weight.

“But with the industry I’m in, doing events, being an influencer and a socialite, I decided that I wanted to look good,” she said.

“What pushed me to get a new body was to have the freedom to wear whatever I want,” she said.

She said the six-hour surgery was the most painful thing she had ever experienced.

“It was a huge procedure. They had to take out a lot of fat from my back, stomach and sides, and contour it to give me the hourglass shape that I have now. They then transferred the fat into my buttocks,” said Inno.

“The road to surgery took two months. I went for consultations, I had to quit alcohol and everything else to be free of chemicals. I had to prepare my mind.”

She said it took a month to heal from the surgery.
“I’ve gone through childbirth and I’ve had neck surgery but this was the most painful procedure I have ever done,” she said.

She said the procedure cost R150 000.

“I paid cash. I also had to pay for aftercare, which I didn’t know about. That cost R50 000. They also don’t tell you about the after-effects.

“You could lose your mind. Your body and mind are in shock. That’s why there was a time where I was trending last year because I lashed out when people provoked me,” she said.

She said she was very sober.

Inno said she was very happy with her new body.

“I would do it over and over again. I’m not crying for my money. It’s worth it. I’m making the money back anyway,” she said.

Inno said she would soon be going in for another surgery to lift her breasts.

Inno is a communication science graduate from Central University of Technology in Free State and in 2018 she graduated with her honours.

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