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Inno Morolong and Ashleigh Ogle set to face each other in a boxing match

Innocentia “Inno” Morolong and Ashleigh Ogle are set to face each other in a boxing ring. Tumelo Ramaphosa the son of President Cyril Ramaphosa is the host of the inaugural Mandela African Boxing Cup with the Mandela Foundation and the International Boxing Association at the International Convention Centre in Durban from April 15-21.

Inno Morolong

Speaking to TshishaLIVE, Inno said she agreed to the match, and she’s confident about her win against Da LES’s ex Ashleigh Ogle.

“I agreed to the match because I have been keeping a low profile and decided to stop hosting. So I found this interesting and I said yes to the match. There’s a lot of people I wouldn’t mind fighting, I mean some people are so disrespectful, but for now, let’s keep this a mystery.”

“I will be training for this. I have to come prepared. I’m not afraid. Instead, I’m excited. I’m fighting for many reasons. People are disrespectful and money is a cherry on top.

Inno Morolong

“ I’m not a loser. If I win it’s going to mean a lot to me, my hard work will pay off. My dignity will be regained and I’m going to enjoy the money. April is my birthday month, I have to enjoy and celebrate life.”

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Well-known South African musical artist, Nkosazana Daughter excitedly announced the purchase of a new house.

Nkosazana Daughter

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Khosi Twala

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