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Indonesia, East Timor flood death toll surges past 160

Indonesia and East Timor

Rescuers were searching for dozens of people still missing Tuesday after floods and landslides swept away villages in Indonesia and East Timor, killing more than 160 people and leaving thousands more homeless.

Torrential rains from Tropical Cyclone Seroja turned small communities into wastelands of mud, uprooted trees and sent around 10,000 people fleeing to shelters across the neighbouring Southeast Asian nations.

Indonesia’s disaster management agency said it had recorded 130 deaths in a cluster of remote islands near East Timor, where another 34 have been officially listed as dead since the disaster struck on Sunday. We won’t let people live here. Like it or not, they’ll have to relocate.

Waimatan resident Onesimus Sili said floods early Sunday destroyed his community before anyone knew what happening. Around midnight, we heard a very loud rumbling sound and we thought it was a nearby volcano erupting,” he told AFP. By the time we realised that it was a flash flood, the houses were already gone.

Authorities in both nations were scrambling to shelter evacuees while trying to prevent any spread of Covid-19. On Tuesday, East Timor recorded its first virus death a 44-year-old woman since the pandemic broke out last year.

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