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In Pics: When Corazon Kwamboka is working from home

Corazon Kwamboka

In Pics: When Corazon Kwamboka is working from home. According to her Instagram page, Corazon Kwamboka is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a businesswoman as she sometimes advertises some of the clothes she sells… We glad it’s a mixed bundle of beauty and brains not to mention curves!

One amazing woman, very intelligent, very beautiful and possesses arguably the best curves on the continent. What makes that body a wonder is how curvy she is yet has a very slim waist and flat tummy. Good genes? maybe but even good genes have to be maintained. Corazon makes sure she works out to maintain the marvel of a body she has.

Whatever she does has to be accompanied by an awesome outfit, now that’s how you slay ladies. Corazon also knows how to have a good time every now and then she travels, takes bikini shots, all that just keeps our eyes glued to her. Here are summer captured moments in the life of the gorgeous and curvy Corazon Kwamboka. This time she is working from home and we were happy that she posted the pictures.

We all wanted to know how she does her work and now finally we get to see how she does it. She says her sister took the pictures without her knowledge and ooh man we like what we saw. We thought of re-sharing them with you, check them below…

Working from home today and my sister took this beautiful photo without my knowledge!

You can be anything you WANT. Whoever tells you otherwise is an insecure brat who wants to force their limitations on you!

Work out, eat out, go out!

Can you tell I’ve been doing some serious squats at the gym? Some trainer was like ‘I don’t know why you even do squats and deadlifts coz you’re already blessed’ I said I gotta make sure my blessings never sag. All the weight need even stronger muscle to hold. Dress from @corazonworldofficial