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In Pics – Sam Mshengu before the riches

In Pics – Sam Mshengu before the riches. We all have humble beginnings and it’s no different for trucking billionaire Sam Mshengu of Sam Holdings.

Last week Sam Mshengu was arrested for various charges but was released on R200k bail which I am sure he paid easily. But looking back, things have not always been rosy for Sam Mshengu.

We linked up with a few of his friends and they shared a few pictures of Sam Mshengu before the riches. Below are a few pictures of the man behind Sam Holdings.

Sam Mshengu before riches
Sam Mshengu was a Tipper Truck Driver

Believe it or not, he is the same man who went to Durban July with a convoy of cars.

Sam Mshengu before riches

Now the man is always dressed in designer clothes and expensive shoes, but it all started from this. He even had a crazy side to him as seen in the picture below.

Sam Mshengu before riches

At this point in time, I doubt he ever believed he could have more than 10 cars with personalised plates.

Sam Mshengu before riches

I am not a fashion guru but those sneakers and those jeans needed some improvements and he certainly managed to change them for the better. Saving the best picture for last, tell us what you think in comments…

Sam Mshengu before riches

Before we wrap this up, here is Sam Mshengu when he is rich… The before and after pictures are simply remarkable.

Sam Mshengu Cars

How about that for humble beginnings?

Sam Mshengu

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