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Things to consider when buying your first car in SA

buying your first car

The rising fuel price is a key consideration for those keen to buy their first car or replace an existing vehicle.

From R14.60 per litre in March, the steep increase hit in May and June, surpassing the R16.57 mark.

Currently, the unleaded 93 petrol price is hovering around the R15.83 mark.

On the diesel front, motorists paid R14.05 per litre, with the peak in June hitting R15.21. In September, the price per litre of fuel is sitting at R14.59.

This is according the AA’s website figures on inland fuel prices.

For South Africans looking for vehicles online, the most popular search is for diesel cars, followed by petrol, hybrids in third and electric in the fourth spot, according to the latest AutoTrader car industry report.

AutoTrader CEO George Mienie said it would be interesting to see how the search trends changed in years to come.

“We will almost certainly see a change in buying patterns going forward – with hybrids and electric vehicles gaining momentum.”

Given that fuel prices could increase in the coming months, especially following recent attacks at Saudi Arabian oil refineries, motorists will be hoping there’s a lower impact on diesel prices.

The report offered other insights into the motoring industry.

South Africans’ love affair with bakkies continued, with German models dominating online car searches and sales. Of all body types, single and double cab bakkies generated the highest search volumes.

BMW was the leader when it came to total online searches, with the total number of online searches in all vehicle categories reaching an all-time high of 290 million between July 2018 to June 2019.

Despite BMW leading online searches, and bakkies generating the highest search volume, the Volkswagen Polo pipped the Toyota Hilux as the car that had the most sales via the online platform.

In second and third place respectively were the Volkswagen Polo Vivo and Ford Ranger, with the Toyota Hilux coming out in fourth and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class rounding off the top five.

The report showed that the Polo sold 88% of its total stock at an average price of R212,748.

However, the average price for the top 10 vehicles in terms of cars sold was R268,471. The average mileage for the top 10 cars in terms of cars sold was 78,952 km.

Mienie said this reinforced the long-held view that sub-100,000 km vehicles were the most desirable.

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