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In Pics: Happy birthday to Rami Chuene aka Gracious Mabuza from #TheQueenMzansi

Rami Chuene

In Pics: Happy birthday to Rami Chuene aka Gracious Mabuza from #TheQueenMzansi. The actress has impressed audiences in every role she portrayed from her days of Pearl on Backstage to her recent, ever-trending performance as Gracious Mabuza (TGOM) on The Queen.

Her current role is that of a villain attempting to dethrone another woman Harriet Khoza (played by Connie Ferguson) as the main drug lord. In addition to being filthy rich and spoilt, TGOM won the hearts of Mzansi for her crazy side that often sees her attempting crazy stunts.

The star is celebrating her birthday today and she wrote a sweet message for herself on her Instagram account: “All that I am I owe it to You, Lord. My heart is filled with gratitude and thanksgiving. Life has been good to me, with all the lessons and experiences. Love has been kind to me and reminded me that I’m Love myself. For my family, my children, my friends, for love, for unstoppable light, for things past, present and still to come. For all that’s good and the perfect flaws. For the mistakes, for forgiveness, for never-ending second chances. For the grace of new beginnings and the mercies to start over. And for my life- I’m thankful. It is indeed a happy birthday. ”
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So we thought to help her by posting pictures of her that she slayed most. Take a look at the pictures we found and thought to share with you…

Rami Chuene

The birthday girl…

Rami Chuene

@thulasindi is back at TheZone! I’m so proud of you Thula. What a way to celebrate! #thulasindibackatthezone#julybabies #birthdaymonth #tgomnation#yearofthequeen…

Rami Chuene


Rami Chuene

How fascinating! Another day at work… #weshoot #yearofthequeen#thequeenmzansi #tgomnation#royalwedding

Rami Chuene

The Ferguson’s live in this house at the moment. It’s actually mine, it’s on loan to them until they find a house of their own. I know that @connie_fergusonand @ferguson_films are grateful for my understanding.

Rami Chuene

That’s it! When I grow up I want to be #TGOM and live in the Mabuza mansion! The One, The Only, The Gracious One Mabuza! Fearless! Bold! Legs! Boobs! Hair! Bling! Attitude! Everything Over The Top! All of!!!!! Catch TheQueenmzansi 9pm Monday-Friday #tgomnation#yearofthequeen #thequeenmzansi

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