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Interesting things to do while in Egypt

Following the launch of Marriott International’s latest seasonal experiences campaign last month, Egypt presents many reasons to travel as an incredible holiday destination that continues to maintain its position on the bucket list of many global travelers.

Guests booking a hotel within the Marriott International portfolio in Egypt from now until September 30, 2018 will enjoy 20% off, while Marriott International loyalty program members enjoy 30% off, one of the many reasons to “Wander More” and explore the magic and the mystery of this incredible land.

Egypt offers many incredible experiences that go beyond the Pyramids. From breathtaking sights of the river Nile to the magnificent and awe-inspiring monuments; from the beguiling desert to a lush delta and from beaches to a vibrant culture to a rich culinary heritage. Egypt is a country with a great wealth of history that has long been eulogized, fantasized and romanticized.

Catch the excitement and soak in the vibe as the country comes together to cheer their national team at the world cup. An experience that a whole generation has been waiting for… and an experience that will enliven every street in the country.
Take a tour of the Al Gezira Palace and relive the magic and mystery of a royal legacy as you explore the masterpieces carefully preserved at the Cairo Marriott Hotel.


Against the majestic backdrop of the Great Pyramids of Giza, the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, have a meal or smoke a flavored Shisha at Marriott Mena House, Cairo.

Spa like a Pharoah: Pamper yourself with an indulgent signature spa treatment – The Peloid Treatment at The Nile Ritz- Carlton. The treatment offers an ultimate full body exfoliation after which different types of mineral mud are applied. Relax in the steam room as your body soaks in the benefits of the mud before it is rinsed off.

Rest your head next to King Tut: With a choice of rooms that overlook the Nile and those that offer a marvelous view of the Egyptian museum and the historical downtown and Tahrir Square, The Nile Ritz-Carlton is surrounded with history.

Drop by at the newly reopened Sheraton Cairo and try the signature cocktail “Khan el khalili” which is a mixture of the renowned Egyptian “Doum” juice, milk, cinnamon syrup and cloves is inspired from the historical Bazar street “Khan el Khalili” were you will find a great mix of cultural and historic structures.

Explore an exotic world by exploring the winding lanes of an Arabian Bazaar – Khan El Khalili. The market is filled with wonderful items to buy. Within the souk you will find the Naguib Mahfouz restaurant, which is ideal for lunch, to refresh and gather your thoughts.

Visit Al Moez Street and Fishaway Café as they should not be missed and for an ultimate one of a kind dining experience guests can choose to dine in the Cairo Tower overlooking the beautiful scenic views of Cairo by night.

If you are looking for hidden gems in the city of a 1000 minarets, you can visit Zeinab Khatoun house which is located in the Azhar area showcasing Islamic architecture and offering authentic Arabic shows.

Moreover, the museum of Gayer Anderson is an art museum situated adjacent to the Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun in the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood. The building takes its name from Major R.G. Gayer-Anderson Pasha, who resided in the house between 1935 and 1942.

The museum is noted for being one of the best-preserved examples of 17th-century domestic architecture left in Cairo, and also for its vast collection of furniture, carpets, curio, and other objects.

Mawlawiyah Sufi dance is one of the most exquisite experiences in Old Cairo. Book a private Mawlawiyah performance at Al Ghori Mosque and be mesmerized and end with an oriental dinner. Or catch the latest performance at The Cairo Opera House which offers a packed calendar of shows.


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