Here is the longest s.e.x in human history

A lot is often said about s.e.x and how long it should last. From stimulating quickies to longer rounds and strokes, the duration of s.e.x has always been a quality control measure.

The Guinness Book of Records has recorded a lot of s.e.x-related records globally, including the longest s.e.x ever had.

For instance, Masanobu Soto from Japan made his country proud by m@sturbating for nine hours and 58 minutes.

He beat the previous world record, which was also his, by 28 minutes.

In 1966, doctors from the Center for Marital and S.e.xual Studies in California said that a woman enjoyed 134 0rgasms over the course of an hour.

Then, the big one was in 2004 when American p0rn actress Lisa Sparks held the record for the highest frequency of s.e.x.

She won a s.e.x marathon where she poked 919 men in 24 hours.

Each s.e.xual intercourse lasted an average of 45 seconds.

Does reading the above record make us s.e.xually unfit?

-daily sun

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