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Mzansi Reacts To Hulisani Ravele Being A Sangoma

One of the most contentious topics of late concerning our South African Celebs is the alarming rate of leading media personalities taking to social media to confirm that they have accepted their callings. A fact recently landed Khanyi Mbau in trouble when she shared her feelings on the matter.

“You don’t have a calling, it’s anxiety!” exclaimed Khanyi Mbau.
Her statement ruffled a few feathers however many people seem to agree with her.

“This is the most anxious generation,” she started off. “That’s why we have so many sangomas… Urban sangomas,” she added.

Khanyi then went on to say that anxiety is so wild, people will end up hearing drums. She then advised people to laugh it off when they have such panic attacks because they are not alone.

“Laugh it off, you aren’t alone just get magnesium and a bit of sun B12 and have sea moss. That’s the only sea you need.”

Hulisani Ravele

While there is already a long list of ZAlebs that have accepted the calling from Boity, Zodwa Wabantu, Dineo Ranaka, and most recently Phelo Bala. Hulisani Ravele caused confusion with her latest video and post on social media.

Is Hulisani Ravele also a sangoma?
Monday, 8 May 2023, marked Ancestors Day according to Hulisani Ravele. As such, the child star turned seasoned MC and broadcaster shared a video that saw her dressed in stereotypically traditional healing garb while praying by the side of a riverbank.

As such, she was questioned on whether she was a traditional healer or not. While she did not answer the question, she did respond by writing:

“…What makes you say I’m a Sangoma? Is it the cloth? Is it the fact that ngiyaphahla? And please, don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a Sangoma either, and if I had reached that stage in my life and level in my journey I wouldn’t be ashamed of it. I’m just really interested in how you drew your conclusions.

Anyway, phahla is not an act reserved only for healers. Clothes are not exclusive to healers. Just because you wear safety boots and a hard hat doesn’t qualify you as an Engineer. I hope that helps you a little.”

Hulisani Ravele

Moreover, she explained the context of the video by writing:

“The video was taken unknowingly by a friend whilst I was on holiday in Morocco. I liked the video and I’ve chosen to share a snippet of it because whilst you’re correct, it is best that connecting with your people is a private thing, we are also living in a time of unlearning the conditioning of our colonial history, and re-learning the ways of our people.

This for me is knowledge sharing, a way of giving a window into a way of life described with a lot of negativity and filled with naysayers, finger-pointers, and condescending questioners who believe THEIR way is the only way and that THEIR beliefs are the only right ones. l share this so that those with wonder and anxiety about following the ways of their culture and ancestors can feel a little more free to do so, even when a Nancy questions them, ridicules them and seeks to make them doubt their path.”


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