How to know if you’ve found your friendship soulmate

A friendship soulmate is someone with whom you share a deep platonic relationship. Your friendship goes about as deep as any friendship does, and you are connected at a soul level.

Check out these signs that you’ve found your friendship soulmate.

1. You can totally be yourself around them

Being able to be yourself around someone is super important. When you can be yourself around your friend because they won’t judge you, it’s a sign you’ve found a friendship soulmate. Needing to hide who you are, however, is a sign that you’re in a fake friendship. Not only will your platonic soulmate accept who you are, they’ll understand you and love you for it.

2. They have your best interests at heart

Soulmate friends always want the best for you, no questions asked. While some friends only want you to succeed if you don’t surpass them, soulmate friends want you to soar to your highest potential. They have your best interests at heart and want you to thrive in life in everything you do, from your career to your love life.

3. They support you and are happy for you

You’ll know you’ve found a soulmate friend when they’re happy to see you happy and support your every move. Posting a picture on social media? They’ll like it. Holding a book launch? They’ll be there. Need a wingman on a first date you’re nervous about? They’re only a call away. Soulmate friends always have your back.

4. They feel your pain

Just as soulmate friends like seeing you happy, they also hate seeing you in pain. There’s not an ounce of schadenfreude here. When something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, your soulmate friend will be right by your side crying with you. They feel your pain as if it’s their own.

5. Your friendship survives time and distance

Soulmate friendship is for life. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen each other for a while. Or if one of you moves to the other side of the country. Your friendship will always remain throughout that. And when you do get the chance to see each other, nothing will have changed. It will be like you were never apart.

6. Hanging out together is easy

We all have those friends we can only handle in small doses. The ones we love, but we start to argue with if we’re in their presence for too long. Friendship soulmates are not those kinds of friends. Hanging out with them is easy. After you’ve seen them, you feel better, not worse. Their company gives you energy rather than draining you.

7. You hate arguing with them

All friends have disagreements, even soulmate friends. But you’ll hate arguing with your soulmate friend. It won’t feel right to not be on good terms with them. And no matter how mad they make you, you’ll just want to forgive them so you can go back to being close with them. They’ll also forgive you for your mistakes, and those setbacks won’t weaken your friendship over the long run.

8. You miss them when you don’t see them

Soulmate friendships can survive time and distance. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy being apart. You’ll know you’ve got a soulmate bestie if being away from them sucks. Do you miss them so much when you haven’t seen them for a while? Can’t wait to catch up with them again? Then they’re probably a soulmate.

9. You both put an equal amount of effort into the friendship

Healthy friendships are a two-way street, just like healthy relationships. When you’ve got a platonic soulmate, you’ll each put in an equal amount of effort to the friendship. Why? The friendship will be important to both of you? It will be a priority to maintain that friendship for you both.

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