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How to avoid January worry blues


How to avoid January worry blues. People have the tendency to overspend in December and forget they have to return to work the following month.

It’s bonus time and I’m pleading with my fellow South Africans to avoid blowing their year-end bonuses in two or three days just because it’s the festive season.

People get carried away by the excitement as soon as they receive their bonuses. They run to the shops to buy unnecessary things and finish all their cash.

RandsSouth Africans lack discipline. Let’s avoid entering 2019 saddled with debt. We must fix everything with our bonuses and still save a portion of the money.

Don’t be tempted to blow your bonus on presents and festive feasts. If you waste your cash on flashy nice-to-haves, you might just be stranded, come January.

On the other hand, if you use your bonus wisely, it can help you take charge of your finances and start the New Year off on a strong financial footing.

It’s only after the December holidays that people find out their year-end bonuses don’t get them very far, especially if they’ve spent them on useless things.

A year-end bonus is your reward for the hard work you have put in throughout the year. Working a little smarter with this reward at the end of the year will ensure it keeps on giving. Spend your bonuses wisely or invest some of it.

  • Slight Ramphaka, Florida
  • Well said, Slight. People must not get carried away by the excitement and spend recklessly. Discipline and sticking to a budget will help reduce the JANUWORRY blues. This letter wins R200. Call Nthabiseng to collect. – Editor

Source:  Daily Sun