Here is how many times women think about s.e.x a day

What comes to mind when I mention the number 34? If you’re into numerology, the number 34 symbolizes optimism, spirituality, analysis, self-expression, introspection, and pragmatism.

If the number 34 is your life path number, you’re most likely inclined to study and expand your knowledge and solving other people’s problems using your creativity.

In the s.e.xual context, a recent study found that women on average think about s.e.x 34 times a day.

That works out at the equivalent of once every 14 minutes.

The amount of time spent fantasizing is perhaps less surprising, given that one in three women complain about not getting enough action between the sheets.

More than 1000 women from the UK were quizzed for the survey to reveal their level of s.e.xual satisfaction.

Nearly half said they were dissatisfied with their s.e.x life, prompting them to think about s.e.x during their working day.

The research further revealed one in three single women confessed to having someone they can call for no-strings-attached s.e.x.

So, is 34 really such a bad number?

-daily sun

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