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How DStv Streama plans to compete with Apple TV

Development of the DStv Streama is still on track, and MultiChoice plans to launch it in a few months, CEO for its South African business Nyiko Shiburi told MyBroadband.

MultiChoice first announced its media box in August 2020, promising a cohesive interface that helps South African viewers navigate all the different streaming services offered in the country, including Netflix and YouTube.

It would also bring together DStv’s platform with other streaming services, without requiring a satellite dish installation. Everything would run over your Internet connection.

“The advantage of aggregating through the Streama is that you get a very nice [user interface] that you’re going to work through,” Shiburi told MyBroadband when we asked how it would be different from devices already on the market.

Shiburi said that MultiChoice understands customer user interfaces, particularly in its environment, because it’s been in the space a long time.

“There’s a lot of knowledge we bring into the product,” he said. While he didn’t answer our question about pricing directly, the implication was that the Streama would launch at a lower price point than a device like the Apple TV, which is relatively expensive in South Africa.

A new Apple TV costs anything between R2700 and R3900.

Another area where MultiChoice aims to differentiate itself is support.

“You’ll have somebody to call in South Africa. At least you know that if there’s an issue, there’s somebody you can call,” he said.

“Patriotism only takes you so far,” Shiburi joked, implying that being a South African product alone is not enough — the Streama must offer something better than devices already on the market.

This is one of the reasons Streama’s launch was delayed.

Shiburi said that the global chip shortage did play a role in the delay of the Streama, as they had to rethink which chipset to use in the device.

However, MultiChoice also delayed it to ensure the Streama could hold its own against the best in the world from day one. This box has to be really top class,” Shiburi stated.

“You’re entering a market where there’s already so many media devices out there. You want to make sure that when this product goes out, it’s top-notch.

Source: mybroadband

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