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DJ Sbu offers to help jobless man who spoke about his suicidal thoughts

DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu has stepped in to offer to help an unemployed Twitter user get back on his feet and provide for his family after a suicidal thread from the man went viral on social media this week.

The man, whose username is Jackie Mkeeze, broke hearts and had many in tears when he responded to the popular “O jewa ke eng?” tweet by pouring his heart out about being unemployed, depressed and suicidal.

DJ Sbu

In a lengthy thread, the man recounted how he was struggling to find work for over a year and constantly felt like he was failing in life.
He spoke of wanting to end his life so that he wouldn’t keep feeling like he was disappointing his family.

DJ Sbu

” I hope my kids will forgive me. I hope their mother will understand. Because, really, I have nothing more to give. Being unemployed for some time renders you unemployable, especially at my age. I’ve got so much ‘regrets’ from companies it has come to a point where it hurts no more. What hurts is when my son asks me when I am taking him to my work.”

DJ Sbu
His thread was flooded with comments offering the man prayer, support and even possible opportunities.

DJ Sbu was among those who offered to help, telling the man to “lose” his pride and start hustling with him.

“Join us, bro. Let’s go sell in the streets. Lose your pride. It’s time to hustle. Stop thinking about suicide and think about your kids.”

The man said he didn’t have any pride to lose and took up the challenge, while many others added their well wishes.

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