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ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba: We need to bring back the Scorpions as soon as possible

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba has reiterated his call for the re-establishment of former crime-fighting unit, the Scorpions, to address issues of corruption within the government.

The unit was formally disbanded in 2009, and was replaced by the Hawks to serve the same purpose.

Speaking to party supporters in Sharpeville on Friday, where Human Rights month was commemorated, Mashaba insisted the high level of corruption within the government is due to the failure to hold officials accountable.

He said this lack of accountability cannot be allowed to continue.

“We can’t live in a country where presidents of the country are involved in money laundering. What kind of society is that? We need to bring back the Scorpions as soon as possible. Once you give us the mandate, within the first six months of ActionSA coming into government, we must bring back the Scorpions.”


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