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Here’s the person Passion Java spent that R1.3 million on – PHOTOS

It was Boss Lashaan’s birthday celebration where the ‘prophet’ went all out for his man!  Yes, we all wanted to know who the man doused in liters of expensive champagne at the 012 Lifestyle bar in Brooklyn, Pretoria is. And now we know.

Check here he is:

Passion Java and Boss Lashaan

Zimbabwean prophet Passion Java hosted the R1.3m birthday party for the manager of his record label Denford Saunyama. Java was also seen partying like a rockstar in his brightly colour shirt.

In the videos that have gone viral, partygoers are seen pouring liters and liters of expensive champagne over Saunyama and on the floor while others are dancing in the puddles of fizz.

Boss Lashaan

From videos shared on Youtube, it seems that Passion Java spoils Saunyama with lavish birthday parties each year.

The 33-year-old prophet launched his record label -Passion Java record last year with offices in Hatfield.

What was ordered and exactly how much it costs.

  • 100 bottles of Ace of Spade champagne at R10 000 each
  • 50 bottles of Vauve Rich champagne at R2 000 each
  • 20 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne at R6 000 each
  • 10 300ml cans of Coke at R25 each
  • 3 bottles of Glenfiddich scotch whiskey at R9 500 each
  • Two platters for a combined R1 100

Some Facebook users questioned the covid-19 regulations of the clubs as no partygoers or staff members had masks on or maintained physical and social distancing.

Java is one of the African prophets who are not shy from flaunting their flashy lifestyles online and it has come with a lot of criticism. He is often seen posting photos of money or flashy cars.

In other news – Meet the person behind R1.3 million nightclub bill; Passion Java, a Zimbabwean ‘prophet’

If you’ve so much as logged on to a social media site this weekend, then you probably saw the wild antics of partygoers at the 012 Lifestyle venue in Pretoria. A whopping R1.3 million bar bill was racked up – and Passion Java was the man picking up the tab.

Passion Java

Allegedly, Java – who has become a multi-millionaire through his work as an eccentric pastor – was not in attendance on Saturday, but he had no problems with paying the seven-figure sum. Learn More

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