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Mona Monyane talks about losing her Second child

Actress Mona Skenjana shared her vulnerable side on Instagram this week when she penned a heartfelt letter describing her journey of healing from the loss of her second child and how it has left her with amazing strength.

Mona’s second daughter died in her arms just seven days after she was born in 2017. She took to Instagram to share a sonar snap of her baby Amani-Amaza Wamazulu Skenjana.

Mona Monyane and Khulu Skenjana

“I was never created to ‘fit in’ or be a ‘conventional’ anything, it was never the plan for me to express my creativity in just one way. You taught me that. You awoke me to so much truth that I am still working through it.”

Mona Monyane

Mona hasn’t had an easy week and has been sharing these hard moments with her followers, who have not only supported her but looked to her for support in their dark moments of grief.

Mona Monyane

After having taken to Instagram Live/TV to tearfully share her pain of missing her child just a day before, Mona explained in the letter that there were days where the pain was unbearable.

“Yes, on days when my heart tells me to cry, I cry. But when it tells me to rejoice, give thanks and spread love and light, I rediscover the many beautiful ways to do so. I am a testament that what seems to be made to potentially break you is actually an opportunity for you to grow to your fullest potential.

Mona Monyane

“You came to deliver the message that I should not fear the brightness of my unique light but to embrace it fully and when you left, you left me with awe-inspiring courage and strength to fulfil my purpose! I love you and I thank you. Let the journey begin!” Mona wrote.

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