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Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus with These Effective Tips


Officially, the new coronavirus is called SARS-CoV-2. The name stands for “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2”. The infection of this virus can lead to a disease that the majority of people know as COVID-19. As far as it is known so far, COVID-19 is different from other coronaviruses.

It is transmitted more easily and can cause illness for some people which may end up being life-threatening. Covid survives long enough in the air for someone to contract it, although, there are ways to minimize the chances of you getting it. Here are some tips which can assist in stopping the spread of this particular coronavirus which it would be wise to follow.

Wash Your Hands Properly

The first step would be to wash your hands properly. It is advised to use warm water with soap and rub your hands together for about 20 seconds. Going from your wrists then between your fingers, and finally under your fingernails is recommended. As a replacement for soap, you could use antiviral, or antibacterial soaps.

Simple hand sanitizer is just not enough, and for that reason, it would be recommended to wash your hands several times a day. This suggestion would especially be applied in case you have touched anything, for example, your laptop or phone that also needs to be disinfected.

Wear a Mask

In case you find yourself in a public space where there is a possibility to encounter other people, it would be advised that you wear a mask. They assist you in stopping the droplets which can transmit COVID-19 to reach you and in case you are a carrier, and you are not aware of it,  others will be safe as well.

No matter if you are in a restaurant, school, office, or store, the masks should be used.



N95 face respirators can give the wearer the most protection against COVID-19 infection. The same would apply to any other respiratory diseases. The person wearing N95 will be safe because it can filter out 95 percent of particles that are breathed in from the air. Wearing these FDA approved KN95 face respirators will protect you and others from potential virus threats. Other masks usually are intended to protect others around you in case you are a carrier. Some disposable masks can filter out the particles. Although, the percentage would vary from numerous factors.

Store-Bought Mask

Store-bought mask’s effectiveness depends mainly on its construction. Usually, a typical cloth face mask is protective around 50 percent, while those that are of higher quality are around 95 percent protective. Even if you were to obtain the low-quality cloth mask in the store, you will still be protected at least 10 to 20 percent.

Homemade Cloth Mask

Depending on the construction of the homemade cloth mask, its effectiveness would vary. Densely woven cotton fabrics are according to Johns Hopkins Medicine the best. For example, quilting cotton. Masks which are triple-layered are most effective while the ones with one layer are least effective.

Avoid Touching Your Face

On some surfaces, coronavirus can live up to 72 hours. For that reason, it is recommended not to touch any part of your head or face. Those would include eyes, nose, and mouth too. Also, keep in mind that biting your fingernails is not recommended. Coronavirus will receive the chance of spreading if these rules are not followed. The most common surfaces which can be transmitters of COVID19 particles are:

  • Any doorknobs
  • Gas pump handles
  • Your mobile phone

It is of utmost importance to follow these guidelines diligently. Only then the spread of COVID-19 will slow down until other means like a vaccine arrive. Have in mind that you are not alone, everyone is going through these procedures.

And even if they are tiresome, and this whole state of the world may take its toll, the bright future will come eventually.