Helldivers 2’s PC Version Delisted In More Countries

Helldivers 2’s PC version has been delisted from the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Many players were unable to purchase Helldivers 2 in the wake of the controversial PlayStation Network account-linking update after developer Arrowhead Game Studios’ hit cooperative PvE shooter was removed from over a hundred countries. Unfortunately for players, their troubles might not yet be over, and more delistings might be in the game’s future.

Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 was delisted from dozens of countries in the days following the disastrous announcement that players would be required to link their Steam account to their PSN to continue playing the game. Many users pointed out that publisher Sony’s PSN service was only available in less than 70 countries, which eventually led to the removal of Helldivers 2 from 177 territories where the service was not supported, much to the player base’s outrage.

While Sony eventually scrapped plans for the PSN account-linking update, many delisted countries did not see the return of Helldivers 2 to their Steam store, leaving some players wondering if and when the game might return to their regions.

Unfortunately, new information indicated that the publisher removed access to Helldivers 2’s PC version from even more territories on top of the original 177. Records from a third-party Steam database site revealed that Helldivers 2 was no longer available in the Baltic region, comprised of the nations of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Helldivers 2

While Sony and Arrowhead Game Studios have not explicitly stated the reason for the Helldivers 2’s removal from the region, the Baltic states are notably part of the group of territories where PSN services are unavailable.

Arrowhead Game Studios Boss Looking Into Relisting Helldivers 2

It remains to be seen if Helldivers 2’s PC version will return to all the regions where it was removed. Fortunately, Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt previously acknowledged the issues many of the players faced.

While the CEO did not provide a concrete timeline for when users can expect Helldivers 2 to return to all regions, Pilestedt also assured fans that they were already discussing Helldivers 2’s return to delisted countries with both Sony and Steam developer Valve and that he was personally invested in bringing the game back to all players around the globe.

The delisting of Helldivers 2 from so many countries has fueled anxiety in the gaming community regarding how other games published by the company might be affected and whether this will be standard practice for Sony moving forward.

Helldivers 2

Players are particularly suspicious of Sony’s insistence on its account-linking and whether it will eventually enforce a similar requirement not only to Helldivers 2 but games from other studios like Sucker Punch’s upcoming PC port of Ghost of Tsushima.

Source – GamesRant

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