Diablo 4 Players Call for Seneschal Companion to become part of the Eternal Realm

Some Diablo 4 players are calling for the Seneschal Companion to become part of the Eternal Realm. Diablo 4 follows the live service model, in which each season has new stories, gameplay features, and characters. One of Diablo 4’s most peculiar additions in Season 3 was the Seneschal Companion.

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Diablo 4 players unlock the Seneschal Companion by completing the seasonal quests. Created by Zoltun Kulle, one of the founders of Horadim, by obtaining the Seneschal Companion Diablo 4 players can customize their ally using Tuning and Governing Stones. While the Governing Stones give the Seneschal different abilities, the Tuning Stones give it different buffs.

The Seneschal Companion didn’t have a very positive initial reception, with some Diablo 4 players dubbing it “useless.” Blizzard kept adjusting the NPC, making Diablo 4’s Seneschal Companion quite strong. Now, as Diablo 4 Season 3 draws to a close, players are calling for a change to the robot.

Some Diablo 4 players are calling for Blizzard to add the Seneschal Companion to the Eternal Realm, as is the case with Reddit user _Duality_. The OP suggests the Seneschal Companion could turn into a wandering pet that stays in Kyovashad, with which players can interact, just as it is possible to interact with the dogs in Diablo 4.

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In the comments, other Diablo 4 players expressed sadness at the loss of their robot companions, and some comments offered different perspectives. One Diablo 4 suggested using the Seneschal Companion as a base for pets, and another gave the idea of bringing it back in a less powerful version, as happened with the Vampiric Powers.

What’s the Difference Between Diablo 4’s Eternal Realms and the Seasonal Realms?

When releasing the first season, Blizzard introduced the controversial change that created the Eternal Realm and the Seasonal Realm in Diablo 4. Diablo 4’s Seasonal Realm contains all the content from the season, such as new mechanics and stories. The Eternal Realm is where Diablo 4 players get the classic dungeon crawler experience without the seasonal content. Another important difference is that seasonal characters cannot enter the Eternal Realms, and vice versa, although a previous Diablo 4 bug temporarily allowed players to do so.

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Content such as Seneschal Companion disappears at the end of the season, so Diablo 4 players will likely say goodbye to their beloved robot at the start of Season 4. But despite the sad farewell, the upcoming season promises an even more exciting experience. Named Loot Reborn, Diablo 4 is getting a massive overhaul, with new mechanics and more. With so much new content coming in Season 4, Diablo 4 players wait to find out whether the Seneschal Companion will return to the game in another form.

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