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Armed response officer comes under heavy gunfire when responding to a house robbery

An armed response officer came under heavy gunfire when he responded to a house robbery in progress in Durban North.

Marshall Security managing director Tyron Powell said that at approximately 7.40 am on Friday, Marshall Security’s Emergency Dispatch Centre received alerts through numerous WhatsApp groups regarding a house robbery that was in progress on Firwood Road in the Avoca area.

Powell said that in a swift response, multiple armed response officers responded to the scene within minutes.

“Upon their arrival, an unknown number of armed suspects were still present on the property and began firing shots towards our armed response officer.

“In self-defence, the officer returned fire. During this exchange, our reaction officer lost control of his vehicle, causing it to roll down an embankment,” Powell said.

“Due to our armed response officer losing control of his vehicle amidst the gunfire, the vehicle, unfortunately, crashed, providing the suspects with an opportunity to flee.

“They managed to take various household items from the targeted house, and additionally, they fled in the homeowner’s vehicle.”

Powell said that the Greenwood Park SAPS arrived at the scene.

“Multiple spent cartridges were discovered at the scene, further contributing to the ongoing investigation,” Powell said.

He said the armed response officer was stable and transported to the hospital by Netcare 911.

“On behalf of Marshall Security, we wish our armed response officer a speedy recovery and we thank him for his bravery and timeous response,” Powell said.

“At approximately 9.40am, Greenwood Park SAPS successfully located the stolen Mercedes-Benz. Subsequently, the Corolla used by the suspects during the house robbery was recovered at around 10am in the Inanda area, thanks to the combined efforts of the Marshall Special Ops Team and KwaMashu Trio Crimes Unit. This Corolla had been stolen during a Verulam house robbery earlier in the week,” Powell added.

Additionally, Swift Private Security said that they received a voice message through a WhatsApp security group regarding a home invasion in progress. Swift Private Security promptly deployed a Swift officer to the location.

The security company said that shortly after the officer’s dispatch, another voice message alerted them to a security vehicle encountering heavy gunfire.

In response, the company’s director and additional officers immediately provided backup to the scene.

“According to residents, a group of five armed suspects arrived in a Toyota Professional (registration pending confirmation), forcibly entered a residence on Firwood Road, and held the family at gunpoint. The suspects demanded valuables and ransacked the home,” Swift Private Security said.

“Before fleeing, the suspects also hijacked a visiting family member’s silver C180 Mercedes-Benz.

“Thankfully, the occupants of the home did not suffer any physical harm, but they are understandably distressed by the incident. To provide support, Swift Private Security has reached out to Independent Crisis for trauma counselling,” Swift Private Security said.

Police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda said that Greenwood Park police are investigating a case of house robbery following an incident in which three suspects allegedly stormed

house and held the homeowner at gunpoint.

“They reportedly ransacked the house and stole valuable items. Security officers reportedly responded to the house invasion and there was a shoot-out between the suspects and the security officers,” Netshiunda said.

-Daily News

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