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Health workers to be vaccinated alongside elderly in phase 2, says Minister Mkhize

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Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize said that Pfizer vaccine jabs would be transported to the allocated sites across the country from Wednesday to ensure that it was ready for the rollout of the second phase of the vaccine programme on Monday.

Next week, the elderly who have registered for the COVID-19 vaccine programme will be queuing at facilities to be inoculated.

The Health Department was anticipating a slow start to the government’s second phase of the vaccine programme but was hoping that it would increase when more vaccines become available over time.

However, Mkhize, said that with the majority of healthcare workers still not vaccinated, they would be able to continue to take their jab alongside the elderly.

“The two are going to be starting to move in parallel, we need to conclude health workers in the process. By then, we will start on the 17th with the rest of the society. We’re going to start slowly and build on that because it’s going to based on the availability of the vaccines.”

Only 26% of the 1.5 million healthcare workers have so far been inoculated.


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