#Bbmzansi: Gash1 Is New Head Of House

The BBMzansi Housemates went through three interesting Head of House Challenges in the Games Arena and in today’s episode, luck was in the air tonight.

In the first round of the game called Bottle Drop, only Terry, Vyno, Nthabii, B.U. and Gash1 came out as top contenders with Nthabii leading the group with 21 sweets in her bottle. Since Sis Tamara was not allowed to participate in the HoH games they helped Biggie by stepping in as the umpire to help moderate the games and they did it fabulously in their high heels, flowy slacks and daring lashes.

After confirming the results of the first round, the successful Housemates went on to play a fun game of Don’t Break My Heart relay. In this game, Housemates were required to use a plastic spoon to scoop sweets out of their cups and use their mouth to balance their spoon and deposit their sweets into another cup in 60 seconds. Once again Nthabii and Gash1 tied with seven sweets in their cups making them the last Housemates standing for the HoH title.

To determine the winner, they were tasked with building a tower of hearts by stacking as many heart-shaped biscuits as they can in 60 seconds. If it collapsed, they had to start over again. Although both their towers collapsed after the buzzer went off, Gash1’s tower stood longer and taller which made him the winner of the HoH Games tonight and his runner-up Nthabii is the new Deputy Head of House.

Joining Gash1 in the HoH Bedroom is Norman who gladly accepted the invitation to be his guest. Seems like Gash1 was ready to not pick his potential ships but who blames him when he’s got a love triangle that we are all still trying to figure out. Gash1 has invited B.U. to be his guest and Norman has invited Mphowabadimo – we don’t think this is by chance since the two are pulling the weight of their prospective ship.

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