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Hawaii volcano eruption destroys homes and cars: VIDEO

The people of Leilani Estates, Hawaii have been experiencing great turmoil for almost a week now.

A series of earthquakes shook Mount Kilauea, causing it to spew lava into the surrounding areas on Thursday night. Since then, more than 1,500 residents have had to evacuate their homes.

Earthquakes are not new to this region as Mount Kilauea has been one of the world’s most active volcanoes for some time. However, these recent eruptions have sent lava flowing from the ground and into the streets of the nearby community, instead of into the ocean as normal.


Houses and cars have been caught in the wake of the molten rock, as evidenced by footage from Hawaii’s local news channels.

Fortunately, the lava is slow to move from the mountain so residents do have time to evacuate. Authorities have, however, warned people to stay away from the area, saying: “this is not the time for sightseeing”.

There is also the added danger of the noxious gases that the eruptions release.

The eruption of Mount Kilauea is the only way for the volcano to keep growing itself.

Source – Jacaranda FM



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