Happy birthday to one of Zim’s Insta hotties Danielle Allen: Snaps

Happy birthday to one of Zim’s Insta hotties Danielle Allen: Snaps. One of the tittle contenders of the Chimuti holder although she is not that much of a public person in the news anyways. She likes to live her life kinda privately but l mean when you this hot how can you expect that to happen. So check these stunning amazing pictures of the hottie as she turns a year older today.

We first new the socialite as Luminista Dambusa’s friend before the whole Zodwa, Ginimbi scandal rocked up. She was always there on Lumi’s pictures and we couldn’t wonder but notice her. She is a catch herself, hence that riddle birds of the same feathers flock together is real hey. These ladies are just stunning just to take a glance at them.


Their clothes, body structure, physical appearance, everything about them is just out of this world. Danielle is also a businesswoman just like her fellow friend Luminista. She was once a friend of Ginimbi’s ex-flame Zodwa Mkandla as we leant a few days ago before they actually went on different paths.


But today we are just focusing on the positive side of the socialite/businesswoman and we must say she is an amazing human being just from the look of her Instagram pictures. Check some of the pictures we took on her Instagram account…


Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Kapfupi announces sad news

Kapfupi announces sad news. Freddy Manjalima better known as Kapfupi had some bad news to share on his Facebook account in the late hours of the afternoon today. He has worked with a lot of artists that is actors and mainly comedians in the country and this was one both the people we came to know through working with the legendary comedian.

KapfupiIt was with pain that Kapfupi announced the sad news of the passing of his fellow comedian. Check his post he posted on Facebook below…continue reading.

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