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Are Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton dating?

Lewis Hamilton

Does the queen of rap have a new guy in her life?

Nicki Minaj (35) recently sparked dating rumours after attending a New York Fashion Week event with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton (33).

The Chun-Li rapper and the British race-car driver were spotted embracing at the TommyXLewis launch party in the Big Apple, US Weekly reports.

And in an interview with talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres last month, Nicki hinted that she might have a new beau in her life.

“Well, there was a new boy but he and I kind of fell back a little bit,” she told Ellen. “And then there’s a newer . . . yeah, fairly new. He’s been around for a couple of wigs. But I don’t have a boy.”

Lewis Hamilton
While Nicki might be focused on the new love in her life, the singer’s fans are still trying to come to terms with her altercation with fellow rapper Cardi B at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons bash on Friday, 7 August.

Video emerged on social media showing Cardi throwing her shoe at the 10-time Grammy nominee.
On the latest episode of her Beats 1 Queen Radio show, Nicki labelled her fight with the I Like It rapper as mortifying and humiliating, CNN reports.

“You’re angry and you’re sad. This isn’t funny,” Nicki said about Cardi. “Get this woman some f**king help. This woman’s at the highest point in her career and she’s throwing shoes?”

Although it’s unclear what escalated the altercation, Cardi took to Instagram to suggest Nicki had criticised her parenting skills.

Source: People

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