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American rapper Ludacris’ kids dance to Prince Kaybee’s hit Gugulethu – Video

Ever wondered what American rapper Ludacris does during his time in quarantine with his family? Well, he jams to some Gugulethu by music producer and club DJ Prince Kaybee.

The American rapper was sure feeling the fire of the collabo by Kaybee, Indlovukazi, Supta, and Afro Brothers that dropped last year.

While the “township pride” track still has most South Africans stunning, Ludacris received the same reaction from his daughters who moved their hips side to side upon hearing the beat.

Ludacris and Prince Kaybee

Surprised to get an amazing “stanovation”, otherwise known as a “standing ovation” from the well-known rapper, Kaybee took to his social media to share the video of the girls dancing to his track.

In the IG live video, Gugulethu can be heard playing while one of Ludacris’ daughters “twerks” to the beat.

Feeling that his daughter was too young to be “shaking it like that”, Ludacris then said, “Excuse me, absolutely not”, as his other child joined in and boogied down to the dope track.

Kaybee has BEEN making waves in the music industry and released his album Re Mmino early last year.

In a sit-down interview with TshisaLIVE, Kaybee explained that the reason behind his nine-track EP was because he was trying to “cross over” to appeal to the overseas marker.

“I feel like if you grow in silence it’s worse because people will keep wondering where you are, while you’re still figuring yourself and growing as an artist. This EP is my growth, this is the new me. I feel like people should know it so that when I come in very hard with the new stuff at least there’s a foundation.”

Ludacris and Prince Kaybee

The Gugulethu hitmaker explained that he had been working on his new EP for a year-and-a-half.

“While I was working on Re Mmino, I was simultaneously working on this EP. It has been a year of consistent music and not sleeping and trying to familiarise myself with the overseas market.”

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