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Mystery surrounds gruesome murder in Ennerdale, Gauteng

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Police are urging anyone with information to come forward after a young man in Ennerdale, Gauteng, was brutally murdered.

He had been attending an unregistered drug rehabilitation centre when he went missing.

His body was found two weeks later.

The body of Emilio Davids was found decapitated and lying next to a chainsaw in an open veld – where the community of Ennerdale held a memorial service in honour of his young life.

“He was gentle to have gone this way, we are not going to have our child slain like a dog, we are going to fight,” says David’s aunt, Ronel.

“He was such a gentle soul, absolutely beautiful boy,” she says.

The family is desperate for answers – and justice. Davids disappeared from the Hidden with Christ drug rehab centre on the 11th of March, and his butchered remains were found two weeks later.

The police say investigations are underway. No arrests have been made yet.

Source: eNCA

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