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Please don’t marry Mohale, He Is a Gold Digger – Concerned Fans beg Somizi to stop the wedding

Somizi and Mohale

They may be one of the most loved-up celeb couples in SA but fans of Somizi’s reality show Living the Dream with Somizi are questioning the Idols SA judge’s relationship with his fiancé Mohale Motaung.

Somizi and Mohale are planning to tie the knot soon, and have recently hinted their wedding will take place I January 2020, having given fans a glimpse of their relationship on the reality show most of Somizi’s fans aren’t convinced its the real deal.

Thursday night’s episode of Living the Dream with Somizi got People talking on social media, more for Mohale apparently appearing “cold” towards Somizi.

Somizi and Mohale

While the couple didn’t seem to be acting any different to how they usually are around each other, concerned fans claimed that even Somizi’s friend TT was not impressed by Mohale.

Soon Mohale trended Twitter as fans shared their thoughts on the actor and his relationship with Somizi.

Opinions moved from letting him live his best life to suggestions that they put the wedding on hold for a bit.

Somizi and Mohale

Here is what fans had to say:

@Vynah_M – Mohale is just here for cash and nice life. he doesn’t love the som som remember when they broke up somizi took everything that he bought for mohale then jiki jiki they reconciled. #LTDWSomizi

@Queen_Pardo – Somizi loves Mohale hleng #LTDWSomizi

@InqolobaneF – Why is this the boyfriend always shutting down Somizi, he doesn’t behave like a partner #LTDWSomizi

@HlapolosaKgotso – Y’all putting unnecessary pressure on Mohale. Mohale is very young and new to this lifestyle. Y’all can’t b having expectations of how he’s supposed to show love to Som. Som got his reasons y he loves him. I believe in Mohale, a very intelligent young person. #LTDWSomizi

@duchessmaroga – Mohale is in it for his own fame and money. Through this relationship he has earned himself a celebrity status and soon his own show will follow and a book.#LTDWSomizi

@mcquire_dineo – Haikhoooona …. Mohale is not inlove with Somizi , it’s like circumstances force him to be there which is not good. I would hate to see Somizi get hurt. Even TT can see ryt thru Mohale gore gona le ntho e wrong mo …. #LTDWSomizi

@Landless_Native – As much as you guys have your own speculations out their relationship it’s not fair to Mohale that he must now commit himself to a serious relationship simply because Somizi is ready – Mohale still needs to live figure out himself meet people an all that #LTDWSomizi

@Ms_Mani20 – Low key praying that this wedding doesn’t pull through……….the little one is here for all the wrong reasons😢😢😢 #LTDWSomizi

Do you think Somizi should go ahead with the wedding?

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