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RHOD star Jojo Robinson responds to claims she’s a gold digger who’s after her husband’s money

Jojo Robinson of Real Housewives Of Durban is sick and tired of people hating her for marrying a rich man and living a life of luxury as a housewife.

Showing off her cars (Range Rover and a Maclaren) in a video posted on Instagram, Jojo hit back at haters who insist on telling her she’s bragging with someone else’s money. She said her hubby’s wealth instantly became hers as well — the moment she said ‘I do’.

“Apparently it’s not my money. Honey, when I said I do, it meant it was instantly mine. People these days don’t understand the term ‘family’ we are a team and neither part of the team is less or more important then the other.

“He works, as do I. We just do it differently, being a mom, housewife and homemaker isn’t easy and people need to stop labelling it as less important then a #normal job. both are important and both equally have challenges. But as a whole or team works brilliantly and neither would have it any other way … I love being the rock/glue/everything in-between that my family needs at home and I know boo loves being the one to support the family.”

Watch her choosing a luxury car:

Jojo has no problem spending money. She recently swiped her card overseas to get some cosmetic work done on her body.

The reality TV star took to her Instagram to share her healing journey five days after going under the knife.

The star has been sharing her journey on her Instagram stories since she had her cosmetic surgery called an abdominoplasty with lipo all around with a floating belly button.

“5 days post tho and I’m slowly feeling more human. I managed to finally shower last night the first time since surgery (I wasn’t able to because of the foam wrap around my stomach and the blood pipe coming out my hip). I was also able to come off the morphine painkillers and switch to just normal Myprodol.

“I’m still extremely swollen and I can’t really do much, but the best part for me is that each day I’m better than the day before. The wrap I still have to wear for the next 5 weeks is extremely uncomfortable and I’m also still stuck wearing the ugliest compression socks to help with blood flow for the next week. But we move … upwards and onwards and one day closer to the sexiest Jojo that ever lived,” she wrote recently.


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