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Global coronavirus death toll tops 1.1 million


The total number of declared deaths from the new coronavirus has topped 1.1 million around the world, according to an AFP tally from official sources. At least 1,100,056 fatalities, out of 38,997,267 cases, have been reported.

Almost one in five deaths was in the United States, the hardest-hit country which has 217,798 deaths from 7,985,356 infections

The United States is followed by Brazil with 152,460 deaths from 5,169,386 cases, India with 112,161 deaths from 7,370,468 cases, Mexico 85,285 fatalities from 834,910 cases and the United Kingdom with 43,293 deaths out of 673,622 reported infections.

coronavirus vaccination

With daily COVID-19 infections rising to record levels in several US states, false information remains a barrier to people getting vaccinated.

US health officials are pushing Americans to get vaccinated against the flu to help prevent hospitals already busy battling COVID-19 from being overwhelmed this winter, but false claims are threatening their efforts.

Misinformation on social media, particularly that a flu shot will increase the risk of contracting the coronavirus or cause you to test positive for COVID-19 — it won’t — is undermining the public health message.

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