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Lady Zamar – Get all the facts before reacting to fake news

Multi-award winning SA Songstress Lady Zamar, has shed more light about the power of fact-checking before reacting to any news on social media. In a tweet, Zamar encouraged the masses to gather their information correctly, before sharing news on social media.

Lady Zamar

It is no secret that falsehoods spread like wildfire on social media, resulting in it getting quicker and longer-lasting pickups than the facts. As the country’s much-anticipated lockdown was drawing nearer, Zamar pleaded with the masses not to spread fake news. The last thing we all want to see is fake news about Covid-19 SA fatalities, right?

Lady Zamar

A deep dive into Twitter has proven that most fake news is spread by retweets and not reading a tweet carefully, hence this spread fake news significantly. In a tweet, Zamar said: ” Get all the facts before reacting. Stop reacting to rumours and hearsay.. Get as much information as possible .. Reacting to false information is reacting to fake news and misinformation. Know the difference. Knowledge is power” the masses not to spread fake news.

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