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Inquiry into whether child-r@pe accused violated his bail conditions continues

Child rape ring accused Gerhard Ackerman was expected to return to the high court in Johannesburg on Wednesday for a hearing into his disappearance and subsequent rearrest.

The State argues that Ackerman violated his bail conditions when he moved house and sold all his assets.

The 52-year-old was rearrested on Sunday.

He failed to appear in court on Thursday, citing food poisoning. The next day, detectives visited his place of residence and found he had moved without telling them.

This week, Ackerman told the court that he was not in violation of his bail conditions as they were amended.

The investigating officer could not verify whether the changes to his conditions of release had in fact been made.

Ackerman’s attorney was told to go to the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court to find whether a record of such amendments existed.

The attorney was expected to report back to the high court on Wednesday.

Ackerman, who is accused of luring in teenage boys and providing them to adult men for rape, faces charges of rape, attempted murder, human trafficking, and the production and distribution of child pornography.

Ackerman’s co–accused, acting judge Paul Kennedy, died by suicide last year while he was out on bail.

Kennedy was allegedly among the adult men who would pay Ackerman a fee so teenage boys could give him a massage.

It’s alleged the massages escalated to rape.


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