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Geoff Makhubo’s company got millions – Zondo commission hears

Geoff Makhubo

Startling revelations emerging from the Zondo Commission of Inquiry on Friday disclosed that a company whose sole signatory is Johannesburg mayor Geoff Makhubo had received up to R35.7 million gained via contracts with the City between 2008 and 2016.

The money emanated from 10% fees paid by Regiments Capital, a company contracted by the City to manage its Sinking Fund in 2006, to Makhubo’s business Molelwane Consulting.
Between 2008 and 2016, Makhubo had served as the treasurer of the ANC’S greater Johannesburg region.

Geoff Makhubo

Molelwane Consulting had also conducted business with the City between 2005 and 2011 before he became a public representative in May 2011 after his appointment as MMC for Finance in May 2011.

Between 2005 and 2011, Makhubo told commission chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo and evidence leader advocate Matthew Chaskalson, he had been an ordinary citizen, allowed to do business with the government, but resigned from directorship of Molelwane Consulting “and all other companies” in November after opting to join the public service.

Referring to sworn evidence in Makhubo’s statement to the commission, Chaskalson said that the now mayor of Johannesburg had seen no conflict of interest.

Reading from Makhubo’s sworn affidavit, Chaskalson said: “There was never a conflict of interest as the term of Molelwane’s agreement on the first Sinking Fund would have lapsed in January 2011, the year I took public office. Molelwane Consulting didn’t continue providing services on the second contract as it did not participate in the RFP (Request For Proposal).

“Further to this, I declared all of my private interests upon taking public office as required by the law, in addition to this I subsequently resigned as a member of Molelwane Consulting and director of all other companies in November 2011. This was in line with my decision to use my skills as a public representative.

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