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Generations: The Legacy actress Ditebogo Ledwaba graduates with honours at Wits

Generations: The Legacy actress Ditebogo Ledwaba, who plays the role of Mbali Diale recently graduated with an honours degree from Wits University. The talented actress Ditebogo Ledwaba, who became popular for her role as Mbali in the SABC1 soapie Generations: The Legacy took to social media to celebrate her honours degree from Wits University.

“Just like that, an era has gone, wow. I’m in awe of you Father, super grateful for a whole honours. Thank you to everyone who’s sent me encouraging messages and all the reposts and congratulations, on to the next,” she wrote.

Ditebogo Ledwaba

Sunday World reports that Ledwaba, who was a presenter at YOTV made her TV debut in 2018 on Beautifully Broken. The Generations: the Legacy star Ditebogo Ledwaba is the second actress to graduate from Wits University this week after House of Zwide star Shalate Sekhabi, who plays Shoki.

Sekhabi revealed on her Instagram account the challenges of studying and working: “God got me here, all the glory belongs to Him. His grace and mercy is unfailing. The person I am today is not the person I was when I first stepped through these University gates”.

Ditebogo Ledwaba

“I am so proud of the woman standing here today, boy is she strong and capable of anything she puts her mind to. She inspires me so much, whenever I am low, I will look back on this day, on this journey and I will pick myself up again the same way she had to, over and over again”.

Ditebogo Ledwaba

“Oh Gosh, there is so much I could say about the challenges I’ve faced throughout the years and even days leading to this point. It’s been a mentally, physically, and spiritually taxing journey and there were many times when I really thought I wasn’t gonna make it here. Thank you to my mom and dad, family, and my friends for carrying me through till the end”.

“I’m wearing the same gown my dad wore when he graduated here 30 years ago with a BA in Dramatic Arts and here I am with my BA in Film and Television”.

Source: .thesouthafrican

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