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Omuhle Gela wants young fans to know nothing comes easy

Omuhle Gela

Even though actress Omuhle Gela understands the pressure of being a young woman and the need to slay, she’s not about to sponsor things like a weave for  fans.

The actress shared a recent exchange she had with a fan who sent her a plea to donate a wig to her.

While she may have come across as spicy AF, Omuhle said that she had firm reasons for not giving in to the fan’s request.

Omuhle took a trip down memory lane to reflect on how her parents made sure she had everything she needed, but that she could only get stuff like wigs after she started earning her own money.

Omuhle Gela

She said she would forever be grateful to her parents because they worked hard to give her the things they didn’t have growing up.

“They did however always say no, when I asked for things I do not need cause they prioritized our education and what we needed first. I wanted a weave (bonding then) so bad but I was reminded how long my hair was and and I don’t need it because others have it.”

Omuhle Gela

Omuhle reflected on how she was only able to buy her first weave when she finished film school and was holding down three jobs at the time.

Omuhle Gela

“I had 3 jobs, bought my first weave. I didn’t ask anyone for anything I don’t need cause there are people with bigger problems.”

The actress went on to tell fans how many jobs she’s currently juggling which includes attending DJ lessons at night, early call times when she’s shooting and trying to manage a catering company.

Omuhle Gela

The moral of her story was that everyone has to work hard for those little luxuries in life.  

“So don’t fall into the peer pressure trap, focus on school and ur goals. And PLEASE DO NOT ask me for things you don’t need cause I’m not a millionaire I’m just a girl out here trying to make it in life. Like you. Sisonke.”

Source: Timeslive