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Gazii encourages musicians to be educated

Gazii Kutlwano Mothibi

Rapper Gazii has urged musicians to be educated as a backup plan.

The musician, whose real name is Kutlwano Mothibi, said people need to have knowledge to sign deals with record labels and know about their rights as artists so as not to be taken advantage of.

The 24-year-old recording and performing artist from Mothibistad in Northern Cape told SunBuzz he studied public relations and communications.

The rapper said he always wanted to study media to enhance his brand because he knew it would help get him closer to where he wanted to be.

He said his education helped him to be street-smart and make good decisions.

Gazii said he often shared the importance of education with friends and up-and-coming artists when he wasn’t busy in studio.

The rapper, who recently graduated from the University of Joburg, called on musicians to study as a qualification would serve as meaningful backup when their careers don’t work out.


Gazii said he worked hard to be where he is and nothing could stop him now.

“I took a much-needed break to finish my studies,” he said.

“Now I hope to make a comeback with my single 3am Thoughts, set to be released soon.”

He is promoting his music and helping young talent find their feet.

Gazii said he could never make other artists suffer while he had the knowledge and resources to help them get to where they want to be.

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