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Gautrain passengers left stranded for hours

Scores of Gautrain commuters were stuck on a train for more than two hours between Midrand and Centurion on Monday.

A commuter said that when they asked what was happening, they were given a vague reason.

Rasego Motsamai said they have been stuck for more than two hours, adding that they had to go back and fetch other passengers from another train that was stuck.

“Some of us are late for work, and these people are not even communicating with us. It’s hot in here, the train is full and we are thirsty.

“One train driver told some passengers that they were waiting for instructions from control officers,” Motsamai said.

A visibly frustrated Dimakatso Mafube told “The Star” that she was extremely upset because the train drivers were not communicating with the passengers.

“The drivers also don’t know anything. How is that possible? What do we tell our bosses? I literally forwarded my boss the message we got from the Gautrain to them and they are not buying it,” Mafube said.

Gautrain, through its social media account on X, announced that trains would be suspended because of a power failure.

“Please note due to power failure, the train service between Midrand and Centurion has been suspended and a bus service will transport passengers between these two stations until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience,” the message read.

Despite the assurance from Gautrain, the spot where the two trains were stuck didn’t have access for buses to come in or out, making it hard for the commuters to understand how the buses would get to them.

Riaan Singh said Gautrain management was taking them for fools as the area where they were stuck was impossible for a car, nevermind a bus, to access.

“My brother, look at this place and tell me of what these people are saying is viable. Now they are opening up all doors for us to get ‘fresh air’. What does it mean? We going to be here for a while?” Singh added.

He said Monday’s trip was his first as he was from Cape Town.

“This is bad first time experience for me, I never imagined that my first trip would be this disaster. At this point, there’s nothing we can really do but to wait until such time this issue is resolved.”

-The Star

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