Watch: Gauteng woman badly beaten after asking a police officer to wear a mask while addressing her

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department, IPID and even Minister Fikile Mbalula have all reacted with horror after it was reported that a citizen was beaten, kicked and groped following an altercation in Gauteng.

The family of Thalente Ngidi has shared their grievances on social media, recalling a horrific encounter that the citizen had with an overzealous officer. After a routine traffic stop, its understood Ngidi asked the Gauteng officer to wear a mask when addressing her in the car. This, apparently, sent the cop into a rage.

The story shared online states that the officer punched and assaulted the woman, before also grabbing her backside forcefully during the arrest. The bewildered driver was then taken to a nearby police station but struggled to register her case with the on-duty law enforcement officials in Gauteng.

Ngidi’s niece says her aunt spent the night in hospital, and was treated as a ‘detainee’ during her stay. In a week where police brutality has sparked riots across the world, this regrettable incident could have far-reaching consequences. Anger over the bungled Collins Khosa case is still bubbling in Gauteng, too.

However, despite the harrowing nature of the incident, the big shots of South African law enforcement have all confirmed they are willing to investigate the matter further. Multiple lines of inquiry are being followed to ensure that justice is served, as the Gauteng authorities look to act swiftly against the indiscretions of ‘one of their own’.


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