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Zimbabwe fuel shortages reach critical levels

Fuel shortages

Zimbabwe’s fuel shortages have reached critical levels just less than two weeks before the Christmas holiday. Long winding queues are visible at most fuel stations while most are completely empty.

Frustrated and desperate motorists are spending long hours parked at fuel stations. The southern African country is battling its worst economic crisis in a decade, due to a severe shortage of foreign currency to import most basic commodities like fuel.

In January this year, Zimbabwe was hit by public protests after President Emerson Mnangagwa announced fuel price increases. Motorists have reported waiting for petrol for almost three hours at a time.

Some motorists said they foresee a worsening situation as Christmas day approaches. The economic decline under President Mnangagwa has frustrated many.

Mnangagwa briefly inspired hope after taking over from longtime ruler Robert Mugabe with the help of the military in November 2017.

In other news – Horror as Faith Nketsi got hijacked by Men with AK47 guns and her Range Rover taken away

It’s no secret that crime in Mzansi is on the highest levels and it has become a daily bread, where you get to hear about hijackings, shootings, robberies, etc, on a daily basis. Therefore we have a lot of our favourite celebrities who have become victims of such doings and it is so not good at all.

Faith Nketsi and Kim Kholiwe

On a recent hijacking, it involved a young and upcoming hip hop female rapper, event host and businesswoman, Faith Nketsi. She was with her best friend, Kim Kholiwe at night when they were out for some drinks. continue reading

Source: eNCA