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SAD: This is how KK will exit from Muvhango


Despite making headlines for the wrong reasons last year Muvhango seems to have got the spark back. The long-serving Venda drama series has wowed Mzansi for years and it seems as if it has taken us back to its heydays. No doubt the aces are nailing it and brought about a new vibe.

Muvhango has been really interesting lately. Drama evolves on James and Marang planning their wedding and KK on the other hand clashing with these secretive creatures, that he bought to give him wealth.


After thrills and drama for years it seems KK wealth wasn’t a result of hard work. A secret that has been kept for years. It turns out KK’s wealth didn’t come from hard work alone.

He bought muthi to help him get the money. These fairy-tale creatures so-called Amaboys in the drama now want payback from KK for the money and status they gave him.

Things are not looking good for KK of late. Amaboys are now bloodthirsty and they need something to quench off their thirst.


For their tireless effort, all they want is a sacrifice and they want KK to kill his son Kgosi but KK refuses to sacrifice his beloved son. We all know denying Amaboys the sacrifice will not end well. In these recent episodes the Amaboys have been disturbing KK and he has been struggling.

Who really knows how it will end. Will KK survive the Amaboys wrath after he turned down their demand? At the end of it, all Amaboys will kill KK in a car accident. After a long battle with the Amaboys; KK will die shamefully and Kgosi will inherit his father’s wealth. Is this the much talked about the exit of KK?

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