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Former Magosha who used to make R17 000 a day speaks out

A UK woman who used to work as a magosha says childhood abuse forced her into the s.e.x industry.

The 23-year-old from Lancashire, North West England, said she was s.e.xually abused by a teenage girl when she was four. reported the young woman started working as a s.e.x worker at 18, and would make more than £1 000 (about R17 000) a day.

She said she didn’t see anything wrong with being a magosha, as it was a resource to get money.

“It made financial sense, but it led me down a dark road. I didn’t care what people did to me, as long as I got the money. I also idolized money as a form of connection with people. I couldn’t connect with them in any other way.”

The retired magosha said she tried to leave the industry, but ended up feeling trapped by her circumstances.

She finally retired in 2019 after being diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease and dagga addiction.

“If you force your body to have s.e.x with someone you wouldn’t have s.e.x with if money was involved, then it’s damaging,” said the woman.

-daily sun

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